At Bowden Works, we understand the significance of a strong technical foundation in propelling your online visibility. With our advanced Technical SEO services, we aim to ensure that your website is not only accessible and understandable to users but also to search engines.

Our Technical SEO Services

Website Audits

Our team performs thorough website audits to identify technical issues that could be affecting your site’s performance. From indexing and crawling issues to broken links and redirects, we leave no stone unturned.

Site Architecture Optimization

We optimize your site’s structure to ensure seamless navigation for users and easy crawlability for search engines. This includes optimizing your URLs, creating a comprehensive sitemap, and setting up an intuitive navigation menu.

Page Speed Optimization

Page loading speed is a crucial ranking factor. We implement a variety of techniques to reduce page load times, such as optimizing images, leveraging browser caching, and minifying CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

Mobile SEO

With the rise of mobile browsing, we ensure your site is mobile-friendly, providing a seamless user experience across all devices. We address mobile-specific issues like viewport configuration, touch elements size, and interstitial ads.

Structured Data Markup

We implement structured data markup to help search engines understand your content better, increasing the chances of getting rich results and improving your online visibility.

XML Sitemap and Robots.txt Setup

We create and optimize XML sitemaps and robots.txt files to guide search engines about the pages to crawl and index, contributing to more efficient crawling and better indexation.

Why Choose Bowden Works for Technical SEO?

  • Expertise and Experience: With deep knowledge of the ever-changing SEO landscape and extensive experience, our team is equipped to handle all your technical SEO needs.
  • Holistic Approach: We combine technical SEO with on-page and off-page SEO strategies to ensure comprehensive search engine optimization.
  • Continuous Monitoring: We continuously monitor your website’s technical health to identify and fix issues promptly, ensuring optimal performance at all times.
  • Transparent Reporting: We provide regular, detailed reports so you can see the impact of our services on your website’s performance.

Bowden Works is committed to providing technical SEO services that boost your search engine rankings, increase organic traffic, and enhance user experience. Get in touch with us today to take the technical performance of your website to the next level.