Bowden Works was conceived from the skilled hands and strategic mind of Rian Bowden in 2010, bringing with it a fresh, innovative approach to web development and online marketing.

Rian, a seasoned professional in web strategy and WordPress development, first dipped his toes into the realm of online business as the premier SEO expert at ChinesePod, a renowned podcast company based in Shanghai. His early immersion into the digital world led him to create DailySplice, an award-winning podcast startup that highlighted his knack for turning novel ideas into successful ventures.

However, Rian’s passion has always been deeply rooted in the craft of web development, specifically in WordPress – a platform known for its versatility and potential for customization. His broad set of skills, ranging from HTML, CSS, PHP, to JavaScript, paired with an advanced knowledge of WordPress backend and frontend development, has allowed Bowden Works to flourish as a leading web development agency.

While Rian calls Victoria, BC his home, his work transcends geographical boundaries. He has lived and worked while traversing the globe with his family, at present based in Sanya, China. The diverse team of developers, designers, and marketers at Bowden Works also mirrors this international scope, coming from a myriad of different countries and backgrounds.

Rian’s educational background further solidifies his expertise in the field. He holds a BCom from the University of Victoria with a focus on entrepreneurship. His understanding of business strategy and processes, coupled with his technical skills, has been instrumental in shaping Bowden Works into what it is today.

Over the years, Bowden Works has stayed true to its mission of delivering exceptional web development and online marketing services. We pride ourselves on our technical proficiency, innovative solutions, and unwavering commitment to helping our clients succeed in the digital space.